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Vincenzo Mutone

Mr. Mutone was born on January 20th, 1965 and obtained his qualification as a dental technician in Naples IPSIA “Casanova”.

He holds a lab since 1983.

He took part in many courses in Italy and abroad among which some with Klaus Muetherties and Willi Geller, from whom he learnt his practical teaching and aesthetic philosophy attending many times his lab in Zurich (CH). He was business partner and co-owner of the Oral-Design 2 lab along with Mr. Giuseppe Zuppardi in the years 1994-96. When this experience was over he met professionally Mr. Atoshi Aoshima, who led him to appreciate Japanese aesthetic school. After this experience he started another project that led him to make a systematics for ceramic masses multistratification for the Noritake Kizai, LTD company (Japan).

In the last decade he has held conferences and communications on metal ceramics and aesthetics in many national and international meetings.

Today he focuses particularly on prosthesis implant and aesthetics using modern materials such as zirconia and CAD-CAM methods. He is also taking part in projects that aim to carry out and spread implantology based on computer planning with immediate function application and in the making of a multistratification system on zirconia oxide structures.