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Master in Prosthodontic Sciences

Master in Prosthodontic Sciences

During this three year full time programme we will show you many highlights from the Master. In this area of the website you will find Research activities, Clinical cases, articles and reports written by students and colleagues from all over the world. The Master in Prosthodontic Sciences is really full of educational activities. Tens of clinical cases will be documented and students will deal with removable dentures, implants, full-mouth rehabilitations, periodontal and implant surgeries, and so on. All treated cases will be documented in accordance with the Program’s guidelines and you will be able to filter them using the following boxes.


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Articles, researches and clinical cases from the Advanced Education in Prosthodontic Sciences held by the School of Dental Medicine of the University of Siena (Italy) in conjunction with AIOP (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry).

Each student will work on an operative unit being assigned to under supervision by tutors (i.e. daily tutors).
The weekly clinical activity period will be organized accordingly with the schedule of the assigned patients.
Thanks to the collaboration with other Departments, the students will be able to follow multi-disciplinary cases during all treatment phases. All treated cases, which shall be documented in accordance with the Program’s guidelines, will be discussed during joint meetings.

During the three-year study period, the student will have to:
❶ document every single clinical case
❷ treat at least 30 patients by means of prosthodontic treatment, during Year 1 and Year 2
❸ perform at least 10 complete removable dentures
❹ perform at least 10 teeth supported FPDs cases
❺ perform at least 10 cases on implants
❻ perform at least 3 full month rehabilitation
❼ perform at least 5 periodontal surgeries
❽ perform at elast 5 implant surgeries

A clinical referral tutor will be assigned to each student, which will be followed in clinical activities.

All students will be assigned a research project at the beginning of Year 1. During the entire three-year study period, all students will be assisted by a research referral tutor who will support them in reviewing the literature as well as in developing and managing the research protocol and in composing
the scientific article. The advances in the research project will be monitored by the tutor and, also, together with the Director of the program.

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