Anna Mariniello Posts

Graduated with full marks and honors in Dentistry in 2004 at the University “Federico II” of Naples.

She attended  a Postgraduate Retraining Course in Orthodontics  in 2004/2005 at the University “Federico II” of Naples.  Then she specialized in Ortodontics  in 2010 at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome.

Author of posters and publications in national and international specialized journals.

Lecturer at several national and international Congress.

Author of a text of lingual orthodontics “Lingual Orthodontic without brackets” published by one of the most prestigious international publishers in dentistry.

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Invisible Orthodontics: a case report of severe open bite
Di Anna Mariniello

Invisible orthodontics: ectopic buccal canine malocclusion
Di Anna Mariniello

Lingual Orthodontics without brackets for the treatment of Angle II Class malocclusions
Di Anna Mariniello Fabio Cozzolino

Active retainers clinical procedure
Di Anna Mariniello Fabio Cozzolino

Invisible Orthodontics: Class I malocclusion with impacted canine and deep bite
Di Anna Mariniello Fabio Cozzolino

Invisible Orthodontics: lingual Orthodontics without brackets
Di Anna Mariniello

Lingual Orthodontics
Di Anna Mariniello

Lingual Orthodontics without brackets: Active Retainers
Di Anna Mariniello

Invisible Orthodontics: Diastema closure
Di Anna Mariniello Fabio Cozzolino

Active retainers to solve anterior misalignments: an innovative Lingual Orthodontic method without brackets
Di Anna Mariniello

Invisible Orthodontics
Di Anna Mariniello Fabio Cozzolino Giuseppe Cozzolino

Invisible Orthodontics against Esthetic Orthodontics: Lingual Orthodontics without brackets through the use of pre-activated retainers
Di Anna Mariniello Giuseppe Cozzolino Fabio Cozzolino

Invisible Orthodontics: reduction of lower arch crowding by means of the pre-actived retainers
Di Anna Mariniello