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Specialist in Odontostomatology

Specialist in Orthognathodontics

Director of the Odontostomatology Clinic of the University of Insubria – Varese

Professor (Med. 28) at the University of Insubria where he teaches Dental Materials and Prosthetic Technology in the Dentistry and Prosthesis Degree Course. He is Appointed Professor of Biomechanics – that he teaches at the Orthognathodontics Specialization School – University of Insubria.

He has written over 108 scientific papers in Orthognathodontics, Odontostomatologic Surgery, Dental Materials and Computerized Medicine: many of these publications deal with Orthodontic Biomechanics and the Lingual Orthodontic Technique. He has held numerous courses and seminars in Orthodontics in various Universities in Italy and abroad.


i-TTR brackets: A new type of lingual brackets
Di Aldo Macchi Nunzio Cirulli Matteo Beretta Anna Nidoli Anna Mariniello

Fixed Active Retainer (MAC): Lingual Orthodontics using active retainers
Di Aldo Macchi Nunzio Cirulli