Case 142 | The Award 2017 | Russia

Case 142 | The Award 2017 | Russia


Dr. Dmitry Kompaniets / Dt. Nikita Morozov / Dmd Antosik Maxim


A woman called on the clinic in order to rehabilitate her upper and lower dental row. A decision was made to make orthodontic treatment in order to optimize the teeth position before the further prosthesis. In the final stage of orthodontic treatment. Implants were emplaced in the region of side teeth. Based on the clinical case, aesthetic and functional characteristics, a wax modeling was made. For a temporary crown-making period there has been made a mock-up for prolonged usage. The crowns have been creating an appropriate occlusion in the region of side teeth. The mock up served as a guide for defining the deph of pre- dissection The saggital space between the lower veneers and upper teeth was balanced by palatinal veneers made from Lava Ultimate 3M, as lots features are most optimal and it doesn’t abraded the antagonists. Palatinal veneers were fixed adhisively and reworked by the final dissection After the adhesive ceramic veneers fixation on front teeth of lower and upper jaw, prosthesis of masticatory teeth implants backing was made, with after-treatment of the patient.

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