Case 80 | The Award 2017 | Japan

Case 80 | The Award 2017 | Japan



Dr. Yoshinori Kamae D.D.S / Dt. Ken Takahashi R.D.T – FINALIST TEAM




She is 24years old. Her chief complain is to make over her smile as favorite Japanese actor.

      Diagnostic findings

•  Extraoral and facial findings

        Concave facial profile

        Increased lower facial height

        Slight prognathic and  mandible

    2.  TMJ and mandibular range of motion

         R: Temporo mandibular Antero-lateral displacement without reduction

         L: Temporo mandibular Antero-lateral displacement with reduction

         Mandibular range of motion is limited

    3.  Intraoral  findings


         Many caries tooth

         Steep posterior occlusal plane

         Anterior open bite

         Class3 malocclusion


         Generalized mild to moderate gingival inflammations

         Bleeding on probing

         Disproportionate levels of marginal gingiva

    4.  Occlusal notes

    Class3 relationship

         Horizontal overlap (overjet): 0mm

         Posterior reverse articulation( cross bite) of teeth: #45,#46,#47

         Anterior open occlusal relationship; no anterior guidance

         Centric relation is not coincide MIP

    5.  Radiographic findings

         Need root canal treatment:#17,#16,#15,#12,#27,#46

       Caries; #14,#11,#21,#22,#25,#26,#36,#45,#47


         Class3 malocclusion with open bite

Goal/objectives of treatment


          Improve facial balance/profile

          Reduce lower facial height

          Reduce prominence of chin


          Improve appearance of teeth with respect to shape, size, color, and position

          Balance levels of maxillary marginal gingiva

          Improve alignment of the teeth


          Balance levels of maxillary and mandibular marginal gingiva

          Establish normal morphology of clinical crowns with appropriate dimensions

          Establish adequate tooth length to facilitate retention of restorations and resistance to      


          Eliminate caries lesions

          Correct malocclusion of teeth and associated dental and skeletal findings

          Align teeth and correct rotations

          Establish Class1 relationship, at least anteriorly

          Establish optimal horizontal and vertical overlap of teeth-eliminate anterior open bite      


          Level occlusal and incisal planes

          Establish symmetric dental arch

          Eliminate arch length deficiencies and associated crowding of teeth

          Establish appropriate spacing for optimal restoration of teeth

          Coordinate dental Arches

          Restore affected teeth to improve occlusion, function,appearance,stability of tooth position

           and ability of patient to maintain health and supporting structures

Active Clinical Treatment

          Phase Ⅰ: Initial treatment

          Phase Ⅱ: Surgical crown lengthening

          Phase Ⅲ:Orthodontic treatment

          Phase Ⅳ:Definitive restorative treatment

          Phase Ⅴ:Maintenance


           I want to thank the Dr.Masao Yamazaki and Kenji Tsuchiya who advise me management of these    

            patient’s complex dental needs.

           And thanks to Mr. Ken Takahashi who always fabricate beautiful restorations.

           Finally, I thank Dr.Pascal magne, a mentor of mine and always teach me the “answer” against my    


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