Case 163 | The Award 2017 | Lithuania

Case 163 | The Award 2017 | Lithuania


Dr. Egle Vindasiute / DT Rolandas Andrijauskas


Patient came complaning about unaesthetical smile, to be more conservative we selected to do minimally invasive veneers (glass ceramic veneers on refractory dies). Material: Ivoclar vivadent IPS d.Sign ceramic. Cementation with optibond FL and Variolink esthetic. In this case we restored not only aesthetics, but also function: anterior and lateral guidance.’

1.1. Before face rest 1.2 Before face smile 1.3 Before rest position teeth exposure 1.4 Before max smile 1.5 Before frontal 1.6 Before only upper 1.7 Before occlusal view a. 1.8 Before occlusal view b 1.9 Before anterior guidance 1.10 Before left canine guidance 1.11 Before right canine guidance 2.1 Wax up occlusal 2.Wax up frontal 3.1 Mock up face rest 3.2 Mock up face smile 3.3 Mock up rest position 3.4 Mock up max smile 3.5 Mock up frontal 3.6 Mock up max occlusion 3.7 Mock up occlusion 3.8 Mock up left canine guidance 3.9 Mock up right canine guidance 4. Polar eyes 4. Shades and colors 5.1 Preparation planning a 5.2 Preparation planning b 5.3 Preparation guide model 5.4 Preparation guide intraoral 5.5 Preparation guide occlusal 6.1 Preparation frontal 6.2 Preparation occlusal 6.3 Additional etching for temporaries 7.1 Final smile face 7.2 Final smile a 7.3 Final smile 7.4 Final frontal 7.5 Final frontal upper 7.6 Final occlusal 7.8 Final frontal black 7.9 Final anterior guidance 7.10 Final right canine guidance 7.11 Final left canine guidance 7.12 Final soft tissues

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