Case 153 | The Award 2017 | Brazil

Case 153 | The Award 2017 | Brazil

Luiz Otavio Alves Camargo PhD and ImplanTeam and Marcos Celestrino CDT

Edentulous Rehabilitation


A 54-year-old patient, using complete denture for more than 30 years, looked for our team to receive functional esthetic treatment.

_1 _2

During diagnosis and prognosis we found a sufficient amount of alveolar ridge to propose a supported implant treatment without artificial gingiva._3

Multifunctional Surgical Guide to help remodeling the bone and to obtain the best 3D position of the implants._4 _5

Excellent 3D positioning of the implants._6 _7

Capture of temporary components for immediate temporary, providing soft tissues healing and osseointegration simultaneously._8

Aesthetic analysis after the period of osseointegration_9

Determination of corrections through smile analysis _10

Incisal Edge Adjustment_11

Correction of dental Zenith_12

Soft tissues aspect after tissue conditioning, ready to make the definitive prosthesis._13 _14

Precise transfer impression._15

Artificial gingiva copying the profile of temporary._16

Providing the technician to visualize the ideal format of the emergency profile of each element._17

Infrastructure performed with the cares system. Infrastructure designed by subtraction , after scanning the model and the provisional._18 _19

Ceramic application made by the ceramist Marcos Celestrino, giving natural aesthetics to the prosthesis._20 _21 _22

Photo after installation of definitive prosthesis._23

Natural smile obtained after treatment. _24 _25 _26

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