Case 143 | The Award 2017 | Italy

Case 143 | The Award 2017 | Italy


DDS Michele Modoni / DDS Gabriella Romano / CDT Nicola Mangialardo

Additional Veneers


_1 _2 _3Name: Chiara
Female, 25 years old _4Frontal view _5Overjet and Overbite, right and left
Upper lingual view
Upper vestibular detail _6Digital planning _7Diagnostic wax-up and silicon index.
Indirect mock-up _8A beautiful smile! (indirect mock-up) _9Poliether impression.
Lithium disilicate veneers _10Rubber dam Isolation
Adhesive preparation
_11Veneers were positioned and bonded one at a time. The enamel suface was etched with phosphoric acid 37% fo 30 seconds and bonding then applied. The veneers were positioned and the excess composite was removed and then polymerized _12 Central incisor cementation_13Post-polymerization with glycerine gel _14Newly cemented veneers _15Restorations after dam removal _16A new smile _17One year later _18One year later. Close view _19One year later. Close view

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