Case 141 | The Award 2017 | India

Case 141 | The Award 2017 | India


Dr. Abhishek Gupta MDS

Implants in the Esthetic Zone


Female patient aged 63 years with proclined teeth and advanced periodontal problems in Upper anterior teeth which could not be salvaged.

After the initial diagnostics, radiographic examination and mounted study casts, a treatment plan was made of extracting #1.2, #1.1, #2.1, #2.2 with subsequent placement of implants in #1.2 and #2.2.
The patient also desired closure of diastemas in lower anterior teeth.
Based on the mock-up design, patient has accepted of proposed treatment plan.
To achieve desired aesthetic outcome, provisionals were fabricated from #1.3 to #2.3.
At 8 weeks after extractions, implants were placed and later exposed after another 8 weeks with a Palatal roll flap technique to bulk up the soft tissue labially and achieve adequate keratinized tissue.
The soft tissue was subsequently moulded with screw retained provisionals for another 6 weeks.
The upper jaw we restored teeth #1.3 & #2.3 with lithium-disilicate ceramics as single crowns and layered zirconia FDP on #1.2 to #2.2 implant supported restoration.
In the lower jaw we have restored teeth #3.2, #3.1, #4.1, #4.2 with lithium-disilicate ceramics as porcelain veneers.

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