Case 93 | The Award 2017 | USA

Case 93 | The Award 2017 | USA

Hunter Dawson, DMD / Bart Hyde CDT / Mitch Hurst CDT / Wei-Shao Lin DDS / Bryan Harris DMD


In this clinical report the patient presented with a terminal dentition due to dental caries, tooth mobility, occlusal plane disharmony, deteriorating restorations, and generalized chronic moderate periodontitis.  The patient was provided multiple treatment options and elected for a Maxillary Complete Removable Dental Prosthesis(Completed Denture) and a Mandibular Implant Supported Fixed Dental Prosthesis (Hybrid Prosthesis). For this patient we elected to use pekkton internal frameworks with pressed ceramic crowns to provide the patient with an esthetic and functional rehabilitation. Pekkton is a high performance polymer with the design/manufacturing flexibility to provide an extremely esthetic prosthesis that allows for custom characterization, biocompatibility, favorable strength and flexural properties.

Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.001 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.002 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.003 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.005 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.006 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.007 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.008 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.009 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.010 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.011 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.012 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.013 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.014 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.015 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.016 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.017 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.018 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.019 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.020 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.021 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.022 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.023 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.024 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.025 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.026 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.027 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.028 Dawson-Zerodonto 2017.029

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