Case 6 | The Award 2017 | Canada

Case 6 | The Award 2017 | Canada

Dr. Les Kalman/ DT Glidewell Laboratories


A 54-year old female presented for a complete oral examination.
Her chief complaint was her ‘very bad teeth’. Note: she often used her hand to cover her teeth during discussion. Medical history was non-contributory.


Radiographic and clinical examination indicated several carious lesions, mild periodontitis, anterior diastemas, anterior protrusion, canted occlusal plane, malocclusion and a mild parafunctional habit.

Treatment: Part 1

Initial treatment consisted of periodontal therapy and restorations. The patient was re-assessed at a 6-week interval.
For elective prosthodontic treatment, records were obtained and a diagnostic wax-up completed to present an esthetic and function treatment plan. The patient declined several treatment plans (orthodontics, implants) and approved a compromised treatment plan of full- coverage crowns and a bridge, with an appropriate informed consent.

Treatment: Part 2

The mandibular arch was restored to a predetermined occlusal plane with full coverage gold crowns.
The maxillary arch was prepped for full-coverage crowns and a bridge. Final impressions and complete records were obtained. Captek PFM (porcelain fused to gold) crowns were fitted and delivered in the anterior. Traditional PFM prostheses were delivered in the posterior. All units were cemented with Fujicem. The patient returned for a post-cementation assessment, occlusal verification and adjustment. An occlusal splint was later fabricated and delivered.

All prosthetic units were fabricated through Glidewell Laboratories. This case was completed by Dr. Les Kalman in a private practice setting.

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