Case 59 | The Award 2017 | Bosnia & Herzegovina

Case 59 | The Award 2017 | Bosnia & Herzegovina

Dr. Esana Huskanovic / Dt Amela Kamberovic

Full mouth rehabilitation


The male patient came to my dental office and wanted to have hollywood smile (biger ,0M2 color, in one line teeth were the wishes of the patient). I did OPG to see condition of teeth, root and bone. He had canines in place off second incisor, was missing some teeth. We decided to do full mouth rehabilitation with pretau material of the zirconzahn and I decided to do all planning with digital work flow. For good analysis I used the new app from FRADEANI EDUCATION. I have had to incrase VDO 2 mm in upper jaw and 2 mm in lawer jaw. Because upper frontal teeth were invisible I needed to make them longer for 2mm and I had to get them a little bit in protrusion and had to incrase inter incisal space for 1 mm thats why I needed also to incrase the lenght of lawer incisors to get anterior guidence after changeing the VDO. I also did crown lengthening with elexxion laser to make teeth look longer. I incrase VDO in CR with help of anterior gig made in labor. I decided for minimal invasive approach ,I did preparation with cord, took impression with virtual from ivoclar with two cords. I took bite registration with cade bite from ivoclar. I used my facebow from aman girbach to copy bite registration to articulator. After that we scanned models and new bite registration with new VDO we started planning in our zirconzahn M5 machine. All planning was made digitaly. We milled acrilic provisinals which patient weared for two weeks to see would he get some complications because of new VDO but there was no problems and we milled new teeth in pretau material. And final results are on the photography a little to bleach for me but that were wishes of the patient.

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