Case 45 | The Award 2017 | Syria

Case 45 | The Award 2017 | Syria


Dr. Tamam Al Noufi / DT Asem Mousalli

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Case



30 years old male patient came to my clinic suffering from malocclusion and easthetical problems


Cross bite at upper centrals
Broken 11 12 17 21 23 25 36
Missing 15 35 37 45 46 47
Bad oral hygiene
Several carious lesions
Crowded lower ant teeth
Old crowns 16 22 26

Treatment plane :
Oral hygiene maintenanse by sub & supra gingival scalling and using the mouth wash

Extraction 12 17 25

Root canal ttt for lower anterior teeth and 14 13 23 24
Retreatment for upper ant teeth

Reconstruction of upper teeth by post&core

Preparation of the upper teeth for full coverage metal ceramic bridge , impression & bite registration

Try In the upper skeleton , taking the shade according to the pt. desire Vita A1

Cementation the upper bridge , preparation the lower teeth , impression&bite registration TryIn then cementation of the lower bridge.

This case was completed
by dr.Tamam Al Noufi and prosthetic units were fabricated by Asem Mousalli laboratory.


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