Case 24 | The Award 2017 | Syria

Case 24 | The Award 2017 | Syria

Dr. Zein Fawakherjy; DDS / DT Mazen Ousta

Master student in orthodontics, Tishreen University,Lattakia-Syria 


The case summary :

A 43 yo female patient came with complaint of multiple caries , stains,many of rotten roots’ canals and discomfort with old prosthodontics.

Treatment plan included :

* removal of all caries.

* endo. treatment for 13-12-21-22.

* fiber glass post for 23.

* removal of old prosthodontics 

* extraction of 25.

* conservative treatment of 33-34

    -35-43-44 with direct composite 

* bleaching for the lower dental  


* new Zirconium prosthodontics for (13-14-15-16) & (23-24-25-26) as bridges.

* new IPS Empress prosthodontics for 11-12-21-22 as individual crowns .



* these photos were taken by mobile phone camera 

* patient didn’t prefer to do prosthodontic treatment to lower dental arch 

* the dental impressions were done using the two-stage impression technique .

IMG_20161224_190052 IMG_20161225_215742 IMG_20161225_215803 IMG_20170111_214112 IMG_20170112_210837 PicsArt_01-12-10.33.34-1

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