Case 21 | The Award 2017 |Austria

Case 21 | The Award 2017 |Austria

Dr. Amar Besic / DT Siegfried Sampl

83 yr old patient came to our clinic for consultation.


Old partial dentures in upper and lower jaw, lowered VD because several teeth were lost due to decay, nearly all remaining teeth were decayed too; combined Kennedy class I and II in upper, Kennedy class I in lower jaw.
the initial xray shows what I was confronted with.

Due to his financial situation, together with the patient we decided to extract all teeth except for the lower right incisors, which were endodontically treated and equipped with retentive elements with posts (due to english not being my primary language, I don’t know the exact english dental term, but I hope the pictures will tell).
Implants were inserted by an oral surgeon colleague (thanks again for the help) in the lower jaw to establish more stability with retentive elements as suprastructure for the planned cover denture.
After the extraction and healing; the edentulous maxilla was equipped with full denture, the mandible received a cover denture.
The pictures are not the best quality, I was still very young when taking these, please excuse me in advance.


initial xray


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