Case 126 | The Award 2017 | USA / Mexico

Case 126 | The Award 2017 | USA / Mexico


MDC James Choi / Dr. Luis Sanchez


Model with a really clear idea of what she wants and she sees as imperfections, she is use to see herself on big screens so she knew exactly what she wanted. Canted upper arch, really notorious mamelons and a bit of open bit due to ortho. After showing her the PSD and a prototype she agree on some minimal preps to correct her desires! Alveolar Model was made with feldspathic Veneers. Color selection measured on photoshop show us her value is 0M, so we proceed with the layering of the ceramic. Due to the minimal preps we could change the final value on the veneers using 2 different try-in paste we could go from 1M1 to 0M3. Still having all the natural effects of real teeth and not getting the crazy white effect. Patient happy with the result. Enjoy the case!

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