Endodontic Contest – from Retrograde to Orthograde RCT – contest #5

Endodontic Contest – from Retrograde to Orthograde RCT – contest #5

Author: Zaher Al-Taqi

The “Endodontic Contest – from Retrograde to Orthograde RCT” is over!

JUDGE: Dr. Marga Ree has chosen the best case!

I have reviewed all cases, and I selected Dr. Zaher Al-Taqi as the winner. My criteria for selecting the best case were:

1. Use of isolation

2. Conservative access opening

3. Conservative shaping of root canals

4. Complexity of case

5. Technical skills

6. Restorative follow-up treatment

7. Overall treatment plan

8. Documentation

So: congratulations to Zaher Al-Taqi, he did a great job on a very tough case: 2 separated instruments, one bypassed, one removed. It is often very tempting to sacrifice sound tooth structure to remove a fractured file, but he decided to bypass is, which was a very good decision in this situation. In addition, he addressed the perforation properly, and took care of a decent build-up.


8 weeks: September 27 – November 20

Dear friends and colleagues, this contest is, obviously, about Endodontics. You can share your favorite cases: retreatment, initial treatment, trauma, surgery and more.

Share your pics including pre-op and post-op RX and/or clnical pics and other RX. You can post only your own pics and RX, also sharing them from your profile.
A brief (optional) description will be appreciated.

Endodontic Contest - from Retrograde to Orthograde RCT - contest #5, marga ree


• wide visibility:
the winner’s post will be published in our blog at https://www.zerodonto.com/en/zerodonto-dentistry-contest/ and its italian version, our Facebook page, our Twitter, Instagram and Google plus accounts and in this group (also as cover image) for a week.
It will be also highlighted for a week on our blog, on the sidebar.

• a Customized certificate by Zerodonto


Dr. Zaher Al-Taqi’s winner case: “I love this game that end with Saving Teeth”

Retreatment of 46,
2 Broken files, one removed and one bypassed.
one perforation repaired with MTA.
MM joined with MB.
Reciproc for shaping.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Our contests are hosted on our group Zerodonto Dentistry Contest on Facebook.


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