Direct Anterior Restorations Contest – contest #4

Direct Anterior Restorations Contest – contest #4

Author: Dr. Thomas Taha

Direct Anterior Restorations: the contest! Judge: Dr. Lorenzo Vanini

June 13th – July 10th – 2016

“The case was very complex because of all maxillary front teeth were built-up with excellent shapes, creating the proper color dimensions using all the shades necessary to achieve a natural, three-dimensional appearance (yellow-orange, white, blue and amber).

The dentinal body was constructed properly, building-up open incisal mamelons so as to obtain a natural and evident opalescence. Moreover, the shaping was very careful, with harmonic emergence profiles and a pleasant and balanced incised contouring; nonetheless, personally I would have slightly increased the length of the central incisors. The finishing and polishing were made carefully, achieving very nice surfaces; a little more micro-texture would have been even better.

Many compliments to Dr. Thomas Taha: he is an excellent clinician!”   

Dr. Lorenzo Vanini



The JUDGE of the contest, Dr. Lorenzo Vanini has chosen the best case on the basis of: initial situation, treatment planning, final result, difficulty, documentation.

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Enamel Plus composite – Full kit, kindly given by Micerium

A book by Dr. Vanini, kindly made available by ACME sas:

Conservative restoration of anterior teeth
Authors: Dr. Lorenzo Vanini, Dr. Francesco Mangani, Dr. Olga Klimovskaia
800 pages
3000 images

Publisher: ACME sas


A great “Thank you” to Micerium and ACME and to Sig. Paolo Bellizzomi and Dr. Eugenio Miceli.

Dr. Thomas Taha’s winner case: “Whitening & Bonding”

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