Posterior Restorations Contest: direct vs indirect – contest #3

Posterior Restorations Contest: direct vs indirect – contest #3

Author: Dr. A. Franzò | Dr. M. A. Toledo

Dr. Andrea Franzò and Dr. Manuel Alejandro Martín Toledo won the contest!

Dear colleagues and friends, We want to congratulate you all on this Posterior Restorations Contest: Direct vs Indirect. I’ve decided to award this two colleagues because they showed a good knowledge, proper skill and appropriate management of complex combined cases. Dr. Franzò’s case shows a nice combination of direct and indirect restorations, whilst Dr. Toledo’s case shows a full month reconstructions in which all four posterior quadrant were treated. 

Dr. Luigi Stagno D’alcontres and Dr. Leonardo Calciani deserve a special mention because they presented cases that were very well managed and with a nice final results.

We want also to thank GC for the winners’ prizes.
Thank you all for participating to this friendly contest! 

JUDGE of the contest: Prof. Marco Ferrari has chosen the best case on the basis of: initial situation, treatment planning, final result, difficulty, documentation.


April 4th – May 15th



Upload or share your pics, motivating the choice of direct vs indirect adhesive posterior restorations and specifying the materials used for the case.

PRIZES (restorative materials by GC Corporation):
• 1x Essentia Kit
• 1x Essentia Modifier Kit
• 1x G-CEM Link Force Kit

and wide visibility:
the winner’s post will be published in our blog at, our Facebook page, our Twitter, Instagram and Google plus accounts and in this group (also as cover image) for a week.
It will be also highlighted for a week on our blog, on the sidebar.
The present contest on adhesive posterior restorations was set to submit either direct and indirect restorations in the same or different quadrants. To date, there are no clinical evidences showing the superiority of a specific conservative technique or restoration over the others; consequently, different approaches could be used to restore dental issues even in the same quadrant.

All the participants to the contest are kindly encouraged to present their cases motivating the cohice of direct vs indirect adhesive posterior restorations.

This very interesting discussion will be moderated by Prof. Marco Ferrari and Dr. Roberto Sorrentino.

During these 6 weeks only posts about adhesive posterior restorations will be accepted.

Join and share!


2 WINNER CASES! The winners are Dr. Andrea Franzò & Dr. Manuel Alejandro Martín Toledo

Full case by Dr. Andrea Franzò

Case 1: Direct & Indirect restorations
33 y.o. female patient with multiple primary and secondary decays on previous incongruous restorations in quadrant 2.
After cavities preparation 2.7 2.5 2.4 2.3 were ready for direct composite restorations, 2.6 needed a cuspal coverage restoration to provide support and protection to the remaining weakened tooth structure, so we decided for an indirect approach.
Session 1: direct composite restorations 2.7 2.5 2.4 2.3, overlay preparation 2.6, impression taking, provisional restoration 2.6
Session 2 (48H later): Bonding monolithic lithium disilicate overlay 2.6










Full case by Dr. Manuel Alejandro Martín Toledo

Male. 34 years old. Bruxism + Erosion (addict to Coca-cola). Minimal preparations for Veneers, Veneers 360 and posterior Overlays. Lithium Disilicate.

13254701_955556347875400_4321792243149915881_o 13244211_955545644543137_3132228366329839645_o 13220594_955545674543134_2735946648351909774_o 13244168_955545694543132_2615043087178750151_o 13235228_955545721209796_1681367415080161080_o 13220590_955545901209778_8196650123518350341_o 13247705_955545994543102_940914623880563955_o 13227430_955546034543098_5388378974345909557_o 13116332_955546071209761_1783825603932745021_o 13247883_955546127876422_8593631735784653200_o 13247862_955546141209754_3301844950245195826_o 13248454_955546201209748_8265911099256933490_o13198533_955546271209741_7657897241741267569_o



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