Case 66 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

Case 66 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

Dr. Gaetano Noè | DT Roberto Bonfiglioli

Multidisciplinary case



Female 55 years old patient

Not smoker

General good health

Do not take medicines

The patient is a carrier of a removable prosthesis the upper jaw.

The occlusal plain is reduced due to the absence of several teeth in the posterior quadrants with fan out of the upper front teeth.

The patient requires the rehabilitation with fixed prostheses of both dental arches for the restoration of the masticatory function and aesthetics.


Prosthetic rehabilitation includes:


Upper jaw:

8 zirconia ceramic crowns 14 to 24 together; 4 crowns united screwed directly to four osseointegrated implants in position 15-16 and 25-26 monolithic zirconia


Lower jaw:

3 single crowns monolithic zirconia crowns on 44-45-34 and 5 combined screwed directly to 5 osseointegrated implants in position 46-47 and 35-36-37 monolithic zirconia


The following clinical steps:


1 Recording data

2 Rehabilitation oral hygiene

3 revaluation

4 formulation of the final treatment plan that includes:

  1. a) orthodontics
  2. b) provisional crown application
  3. c) implant planning and examination tac
  4. d) Periodontal and implant surgery
  5. e) II Provisional crown application (on teeth and implants)
  6. f) Finalization


The final rehabilitation shows excellent result that meets the needs of the patient.

Laboratory procedures have been carried out by Mr Roberto Bonfiglioli ( Bologna, Italy)

Zerodonto.001 Zerodonto.002 Zerodonto.003 Zerodonto.004 Zerodonto.005 Zerodonto.006 Zerodonto.007 Zerodonto.008 Zerodonto.009 Zerodonto.010 Zerodonto.011 Zerodonto.012 Zerodonto.013 Zerodonto.014 Zerodonto.015 Zerodonto.016 Zerodonto.017 Zerodonto.018 Zerodonto.019 Zerodonto.020 Zerodonto.021 Zerodonto.022 Zerodonto.023 Zerodonto.024 Zerodonto.025 Zerodonto.026 Zerodonto.027 Zerodonto.028 Zerodonto.029 Zerodonto.030 Zerodonto.031 Zerodonto.032 Zerodonto.033 Zerodonto.034 Zerodonto.035 Zerodonto.036 Zerodonto.037 Zerodonto.038



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