Case 59 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Romania

Case 59 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Romania

Dr. Catalin Voisian



A 50 year-old patient,with multiple missing teeth on the maxilla and mandible was rehabilitated with implant surgery and immediate loading with cemented-retained provisional prosthesis .

The patient is in good general health,but with severe functional and esthetic problems,due to the missing teeth. The patient asked for fixed restration,so after the first impressions and the wax-up performed on the two models,the insertion of the ball-bearings was performed,and after the CT and the digital positioning of the implants.

At the same time,using DSD we performed the outcome of the final restorations,on the remaining teeth,as well as on the future teeth after implant surgery.

We placed 7 implants in the mandible,and 6 implants in the maxilla,where on the implants in position 17 and 27 we performed internal sinusfloor elevations using the Hydro-Mab from FMD.

After gingivectomie using the laser,we performed the preparation of the remaining teeth and the final impressions. The inter maxillary relationships were recorded using a face bow. The models were mounted in an articulator,and the temporary restorations were executed using the digital outcome we performed with DSD. Temporary cementation was performed 7 days after surgery.

Follow up with the final restorations in about 3-4 months.

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