Case 49 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

Case 49 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

DT. Giampaolo Damiani





Mesostructure for implant and prothesis passivation creating a rigid and stable link without forces between the two in-bone implants. The mesostructure is made by a linking bar, composed by two semi-bars removably coupled, each one joined to one of the two stumps that have to be grafted on the in-bone implants you need to link. This removable couple is made by two screws going inside two corresponding holes on the first and second semi-bar.

The main feature of the meso-structure is the use of two semi-bars that can be removably coupled, and screwed only after grafting separately each one of the two stumps inside the corresponding inbone implant, perfectly fitting. It means that the graft can be done with no trouble even if the axes of the two in-bone implants are not parallel, as it often happens.

Mesodamiani 001

Mesodamiani 002

Mesodamiani 003

Mesodamiani 004

Mesodamiani 005

Mesodamiani 006

Mesodamiani 007

Mesodamiani 008

Mesodamiani 009 Mesodamiani 010

Mesodamiani 011

Mesodamiani 012

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Mesodamiani 015

Mesodamiani 016

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