Case 35 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

Case 35 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Italy

Dr. Paolo Scattarelli – Dr. Mario Gisotti – Dt Romeo Pascetta



A 45-year old patient presented with diastema between central incisors and canines, worn incisal crest and negative smile line. He was not smoker and he was in good general conditions. The patient refered a severe discomfort in interpersonal relationship and communication. He wanted to change his smile.

The first step was a diagnostic wax-up and a mock-up to redefine the correct shape and lenght of frontal upper teeth.

We submitted to the patient an oral riabilitation that involved upper and lower arch with periodontal surgery and a full prosthetic approach, but he refused it and he wanted to restore only the upper frontal teeth. The occlusion was stable and repeatable, we re-established only the canine guide. The parodontal probing were lower than 4 mm on all teeth.

Then we did a resective surgery to recounturing the gengival aspect and restore the correct incisal lenght according to diagnostic wax-up and mock-up.

After 9 months we prepared four disilicate veneers on the upper incisors and two full disilicate veneers on canines to restablish the lateral canine guide and took impression.

In the meantime the dental technician create the manufacts we put in place provisional restoration.

We, also, placed an implant on 4.4 position. After two weeks we cemented the manufacts with adhesive procedure.

At the end of the therapy there was a correct smile line and a gengival architecture no diastema and the upper frontal teeth had a right lenght, shape and volume.

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