Case 27 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Brazil

Case 27 | Prosthodontic Award 2015 | Brazil

Dr. Rafael Ramos Ballista


In this case report, we conducted the installation of porcelain veneers

The patient used orthodontic treatment for ten years, in another clinic,  and it was not satisfied with the result.

The same has periodontal disease, and the only indication for diastema closure associated with the correction of the buccal corridor and increasing the size of the incisors

Desig’n used the porcelain, and the teeth were prepared according to the mock up performed.

It is not  was performed endodontic treatment.

We cementing these venners  with Variolink venner.

Teeth that were worked out are:

It was conducted prior clearance to work with porcelain.

01 inicial

02 inicial smile

03 inicial smile forced

04 smile forced open mouth

05 rigth side view

06 left side view

07 intra oral view

08 initial model

09 wax up model

11 mock up front

12 mock up left

13 mock up rigth

14 prepare mock up

15 limit drills

16 select color

17 impression

18 final mock up conference

19 work model

21 final venners

22 venners

23 all venners

24mock up removal

25 clear

26 prophy

27 try in

28 bonding

29 cimentation

31 light curing

32 close curing

33 excess removal

34 interproximal removal

35 posterior cementation

36 oclusal view

37 oclusal

38 final close up

39 final smile



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